The Best Hammock Rain Fly Tarp For Your Next Backpacking Adventure

Best Hammock Rain Fly Tarp For Backpacking

Whether you’re camping and backpacking in an area like Arizona, which receives only a couple of inches of rainfall per year, or a place like Florida, where thunderstorms pummel the subtropical coasts, you’re going to want to invest in a hammock rain fly tarp.

These versatile staked shelters will shield you from all kinds of inclement weather, like rain, sun, wind, or sleet.

Hammock rain flys are basically simple shelter tent-style tarps that are meant to be placed specifically over your hammock.

They offer protection and are easy to set up. Now, you can easily answer the question, “How do I stay dry in the rain?” Take a look at the best hammock rain fly tarps on the market.

Hammock Rain Fly Tarp Reviews:

1. Editor's Choice - Chill Gorilla Hex Hammock Rain Fly Tent Tarp

The Chill Gorilla Hex Hammock Rain Fly Tent Tarp in flat black is the Editor’s Choice as the best hammock rain fly tarp that you can buy on the market today.

It’s so much more than a simple tarp because it has so many functions and is durable enough to become a serious backpacker’s best friend out on the trail.

It’s a waterproof camping shelter that can be set up in minutes and is lightweight. You won’t even mind the weight, which is only 1.5 pounds.

When fully set up, the centerline is 142” long, and the width is 108.” It’s made of polyurethane-treated diamond rip stop nylon, and the shape is an asymmetrical hex. The corners are reinforced with six anchor loops and grommets, ready for your guy-lines and stakes.

This amazing hammock rain fly tarp has multiple uses – it can be a camping rain shelter, shade, a windbreak shelter, a backpack tent tarp, or a hammock rain fly.

It comes with six three-meter guy-lines, four aluminum tent stakes, a small accessory stuff sack, and a rain fly stuff sack.

This Chill Gorilla Hex will keep either the sunny or the wet weather totally away from you as you enjoy camping outdoors.

2. Best Hammock Rain Fly Tarp Under $100 - ENO Eagles Nest Outfitters DryFly Rain Tarp

The ENO Eagles Nest Outfitters DryFly Rain Tarp is for campers, backpackers, and hikers, and is our pick for the best hammock rain fly tarp for under $100.

With its edged “bat wing” design and dark gray color, it’s very attractive and acts as a perfect one-person shelter from both the rain and the sun.

This rain fly tarp is made of polyurethane treated nylon taffeta rip stop. It actually has a wide coverage area with plenty of headroom, even for taller customers. It’s amazing for multiple uses, like sheltering your gear, equipment, clothes, or even a backyard dog house.

Even with rain coming in sideways, you’ll stay dry.

It’s lightweight as well, at only 22 ounces, so there’s no reason a hammock camper or backpacker shouldn’t have one.

There are eight points on this rain fly tarp. Its unfolded dimensions are 10’6” long by 5’2” wide. When it’s stuffed into its coordinating sack, it’s 10” by 4” in size. It takes only a couple of minutes to set up.

There are lines attached, but please keep in mind that this tarp is not sold with stakes. Those are separate.

3. Best Hammock Rain Fly Tarp Under $50 - YuEdge Portable Lightweight Waterproof Rain Tarp

With a nice army green color on the outside and silver on the inside, the YuEdge Portable Lightweight Waterproof Rain Tarp is the best you can buy for under $50.

It’s very wide and boasts a lot of coverage underneath, so you can not only have your hammock, but you can also store gear out of the rain and wind. This tent tarp is very lightweight, at only 26 ounces for the medium size.

Easy set up makes it simple to have your tarp and hammock ready to go underneath.

It sheds water and is also UV resistant, so it can provide shade from the sun on a hot day.

It’s versatile and durable, able to serve many uses both camping and at home. It comes with a storage pouch, six nylon ropes that have adjusters, four aluminum stakes, and a carrying bag. It also is offered in two sizes.

The medium is 118” long by 82.7” wide. The large is 118” by 118” square, so that’s a lot of coverage for you. It also weighs a bit more, at 33.5 ounces. This hammock rain fly tarp is made of lightweight and water resistant polyester with a high-quality PU coating.  

Hammock Rain Fly Buyer's Guide 101:

Types of Hammock Rain Fly Tarps Available

Hammock rain fly tarps come in different sizes, styles, colors, and shapes depending on the manufacturer.

The ENO Eagles Nest DryFly has six points to tie down, while both the Chill Gorilla and the YuEdge have only four.

You can have a centerline in your tarp or it might not come with one.

Rain fly tarps are made of polyurethane materials that not only keep out the rain but also serve as sun shades and temporary shelters.

Select the right tarp by thinking ahead to what conditions you’ll be facing outdoors on your backpacking excursions. 


Hammock rain fly tarps are designed to keep out the weather, so the more coverage, the better.

You have quite a wide range of size options, from rain fly tarps that cover only a single hammock to the large size of the YuEdge, which is 118” square.

A larger rain fly tarp does add weight, but it also can function as a portable gazebo, sheltering not just your hammock but also your fire pit, equipment, and other gear that needs to be protected.

Another factor that goes along with size is how much headroom you’ll have when you stand up and walk around under the rain fly tarp.

For taller customers, you want to make sure you’re not stooping and bumping your head.

Tarp Material

Ripstop nylon is the most common material to make hammock rain fly tarps. It is a woven fabric that uses a special reinforcing technique that makes it resistant to tearing and ripping.

Nylon itself is a polymer plastic, so it’s going to be much easier than other materials like waxed canvas to construct tents, tarps, and rain flys.

The nylon is then treated with polyurethane, which provides the same kind of waterproof protection as it would if you were applying it to your back deck.

Suspension System

A suspension system composed of long guylines, guyline tensioners, and tent stakes are included in both the Chill Gorilla and the YuEdge hammock rain fly tarps.

Your suspension system is really the difference between setting up a secure hammock rain fly tarp and setting up one that has the potential to knock over in the wind or rain.

Guylines attach to the loops on the rain fly and are then tautly staked into the ground a short distance away. They keep the rain fly away from the hammock.

Guylines should be made of strong cord, and the tensioners hold them in place.


When hammock camping, each ounce is precious. You want a hammock rain fly tarp that’s made well but is also lightweight.

For every extra pound, you’re going to feel that out in the country while you’re hiking and backpacking.

Most rain fly tarps are between 22 and 35 ounces in size. The YuEdge weighs more because it is larger. When you factor in the additional weights of the guylines, stakes, and carrying case, it can add up.

You want to purchase the most lightweight rain fly tarp that will shelter your hammock.


All three of the hammock rain fly tarps listed here – the Chill Gorilla, the ENO Eagles Nest Outfitters, and the YuEdge – are versatile.

They can be set up either out in nature or in your own backyard and will shelter anything that you like. They come in nondescript colors that can go with your own hammock color.

The larger rain fly tarps that have more coverage are going to be more versatile simply because you can put so much more underneath them.

But even the smaller DryFly by Eagles Nest Outfitters offers plenty of coverage. A rain fly will add weight to your backpack so make sure you buy one that offers versatility.

Final Thoughts 

Hammock camping is enjoyable, popular, and fun, too. You can increase your rest, relaxation, and comfort by adding a hammock rain fly tarp to go over your hammock.

It shelters you from the sun, offering protection from the harmful rays that can burn your skin. It also shelters you and your equipment from the rain, prolonging its life and keeping moisture away.

You can also set it up so that you can build a fire underneath it or provide shade on a hot day to a dog. Once you’ve found a hammock rain fly tarp that’s the best for you, you’ll wonder how you ever camped without it.

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